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Phylogenetic relationships of a group of organisms Essay

Phylogenetic relationships of a group of organisms - Essay ExamplePhylogenetic analysis by means of cladistics uses sh ard and derived characteristics as the only criteria for grouping within a genus or species. A sh ared character is the common stimulate for all the species being evaluated and a derived character is a feature that evolved only within the group being studied.The hypothetical cladistic analysis will include an organism which is distantly related to the organisms within the group being studied. In the example, this organism is known as the out-group and serves as the starting point for comparison with the other organisms being evaluated. In our example, the earthworm represents this out-group. The other organisms in the group are an eel, a salmon fish, a Lizard, a Turtle and a Lion. In the character table, the organisms are placed sequentially in a row and their characteristics are listed in a column on the left (Table). A character lacking in an organism is scored a s 0 and the presence of a crabby trait is scored as 1 as shown in the Table.When the characters or traits are displayed in the form of a tree, it represents the cladistic hypothesis of the evolutionary relationship between the organisms to a lower place study. The tree showing the above cladistic analysis is as followsAlthough a cladogram does not indicate the strength of a derived character or even its evolutionary importance, it does express the sequence in which the derived characters arise from a central phylogenetic tree. In the above example, the earthworm lacks all the listed characteristics while the lion which is at the top of the evolutionary ladder in this analysis possesses

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Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Final - Essay ExampleThis would apply to short term investments that are made in the nation as well. It would be advisable in such a scenario to hire local labor.3. 1. Mr. Likesdrawings argument would not hold up in court owing to the fact that there whitethorn be little change in the original that he has created. The intent of the newly created work would not be significantly different from the original, as a result of which he would have to pay Mrs. Photolover money for a settlement.2. The cartel would be involved in illegal activities owing to their efforts at reducing competition. The dual-lane intent of creating artificial changes in the market (demand and supply) means that they are in violation of competition laws, thereby passing on the burden to consumers. The producers would need to do fair practices and allow the market to set its own prices.1. Apples push towards acquiring a large market share in offer music streaming services would run up against laws of the European Union that stand against large companies using their clout to intimidate smaller ones. The laws against Abuse of potency (Article 102) would be useful in the sustenance of smaller companies like Spotify. Several cases such as the one against Russian gas supplier Gazprom could be a blueprint for understanding such issues (Bell and Madej

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The Future of Power Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Future of Power - Essay ExampleHowever, other sources have disapproved this program line terming it as inappropriate. They argue that the reverse of other countries does not necessarily result into the decline of the previously powerful countries. They went ahead to state that no single republic however powerful it may be, can rise without the help of the other countries. The upshot of technology has played a great role in the rise of power in several countries. For instance the internet has been of significant catch in empowering various countries. Through the internet the arena politics can be conducted from anywhere in the world. Similarly, countries have been able to analyze the economic status and foreign policies of rival countries through the internet. (Lundestad 24) A group of economists recently projected the rescue of mainland China would surpass that of the United States of America come the year 2027. But Joseph Nye has refuted these claims arguing that the Chin ese economy would require stability in its military military capability similar to that of the U.S before it can catch up. They state further that the Chinese economy is yet to face setbacks such as social challenges that could see it tumble. thither are other factors in China that are also believed to be capable of causing stagnation in its economic growth. These include the rising of the urban middle class, the one child policy, regional inequality, high level of rural poverty and an uprooted working class. Joseph Nye believes that these factors will always have the per capita income of America being shining to that of China. The rise of the Chinese economy has not gone down well with many American citizens with the recent research implicating that many American view China as a constant threat to their economic security and jobs. America has been viewed as using its role as a superpower to earn policy-making stability, democracy and economic supremacy in the world stage. The U nited States has been involved in several activities including invading other in the name of eradicating international act of terrorism and promoting positive relations among countries. However, many countries have viewed this as an effort by America to enhance its power across the globe and refused to support the globe. (Lundestad 34) The growth of the Chinese economy has caused ripples across the world with many viewing China as a future power house on the world stage. China has experient tremendous economic growth and diplomacy in the twenty first century which has been of huge significance in the entire East Asia region. This is due to the emergence of several new economic activities in the region resulting into industrialization and hence emergence of several urban centers. This has resulted into China acquiring more credibility and influence in handling world matters. Questions have risen as to whether China will join the world super powers or try to surpass them. some(pren ominal) analysts believe that as China gets more powerful, it will try to use its influence to change the policies used in the operations of the international system to favour its interests. This has been the trend by many of the reigning world super powers such the United States. The rise of China may cause tension in the world stage as the reigning super powers view as a constant security threat to their dominance across the globe. This is said to be as result of Chinas rise from outside the established post World War II international order. The rapid growth in the economy of China is

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Research paper about lululemon Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

About lululemon - Research Paper ExampleHis early promotional approach was to offer yoga instructors free yoga pants just to get their feedback on the flexibility of the pant.One of the main objectives in Lululemon is the creation of a fun glory and a healthy living at the same time aiming at designing end products that offer high performance, comfort and fit. The company has a market-oriented sharpen that helps it to offer products that are of high performance, generates customers trust and commitment from the company in supporting the customer.Lululemon price of yoga pants averagely goes for ninety-two dollars. Lululemon is a company that runs with profits. The company worked nasty to maintain its level in the market, and its prices earn many profits. According to its website, Lululemon is striving its best to serve its shareholders to the best. An average of seventy percent of the companys descend revenue in business is estimated to come from yoga were selling. What the compan y aims at is selling and pricing tits products in a way that it earns a profit in the end.In addition, the company makes use of a mixture of value and prestigiousness in pricing strategies in determining the cost of its products. The strategy used for pricing on the company products includes the strategy of value added pricing and prestige pricing. In value added pricing, the company spends a lot in trying to create additional value in its products through promotion. Prestige pricing happens through adding extra features for its customers on their apparel instead of trying to reduce the total cost of by trim down the features used and the material quality used in producing the yoga pants products.The use of unique features in manufacturing the yoga wears made by Lululemon, such as the use of inherent substance clothing in production of yoga pants, helps in justifying the high prices of the Lululemons pants in the market. On the other hand, the company also employs the use of pres tige in pricing

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Deconstructing Leadership The Prince Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Deconstructing Leadership The Prince - Essay ExampleIn The Prince it is clear that Machiavelli is reflecting the produce of rule he experiences being exerted by the attractorship in Florence whilst also drawing general conclusions on other leaders. Machiavellian principle suggests that a leader must learn to deceive, lie and even act against ones own morality to achieve greatness. His central idea is that a leader who is not wicked should consecrate wickedness to rule effectively.In modern society we tend to have a great deal of contempt for our leaders and as events in late(a) history have proved, this has in many cases been justified. It is perhaps because of Machiavellis provision for acceptable corruption within our political leadership that society now accepts that leaders be not so much humans themselves but an elevated acceptable form of undesirable that is nonetheless essential to our survival (Charles 2000).In the prince Machiavelli states, rulers must deal himself love d and fe ard by his subjects, followed and respected by his soldiers. (Machiavelli 1984 p27). The ruler, hence, is vindicated in doing whatsoever is essential to preserve the country, even if it is unfair. A Princes most important duty is the vindication of his rule and the protection of his subjects. Machiavelli states, A prince thus, must comprise of no other object or idea, nor attain proficiency in anything except war, its organizations, as healthful as its discipline. (Machiavelli 1984 p 47)Another quality of a prince is that it is better to be considered merciful than cruel, but mercy must never be misused. Machiavelli said that the cheat of war was the subject of most importance to the ruler. A prince can be attacked in two ways internally, by conspiracies, and externally, by enemies. Machiavelli states in the prince, A prince ought to not be troubled if he incurs criticism for his unkindness so long as he keeps his subjects united as well as dedicated (Machiavelli 1984 p 5). He can protect himself from conspiracies by means of avoiding extreme dislike. It is furthermore stated that no prince should neutralize his subjects or else he depart have to receive use of mercenary troops as alternative. Mercenaries are from foreign countries and are not fighting for their country so they are not loyal and they will not care whether they win or lose. Those leaders who follow a cause for money are not to be trusted. Those who are not afterwards money (Federico 1958). Machiavelli felt that these were essential means in for turning into a successful ruler. He also felt protection had little significance and theme that the best fortress is to be created in the love of the people. He states in the prince that , Men are unappreciative, indecisive, liars, as well as deceivers, they avoid danger and are gluttonous for profit even as you treat them in a good way they are yours. (Machiavelli 1984 p 54)The Prince was his key contribution to the theories for leadersh ip in his day. To be a successful leader, Machiavelli believed that you primarily had to be able to deceive. A good leader has to appear to be good, but when necessary they must be

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Depiction of women in Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith Essay

Depiction of women in Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith - Essay ExampleIn this poem, Goldsmith, the persona of this poem is complaining about the deeds of the government who together with the rich people of his village decided to drive away the sorry. This was is because they wanted to get rid of the no-good image the poor people brought to the village. He, therefore, conducts his argument by making use of an assortment of clear material that supports this argument. This includes scenery, interiors and sharp human portrayal. In his laments, the persona seems to send out the message of equal importance to anyone in the society. This is because the society benefits from the contributions of ever member no matter how much contribution he avails. Therefore, Oliver Goldsmith represents the rank(a) country life and happiness. He is worried about the disappearance of life that once existed in this once vibrant village. Therefore, all through the life of the speaker, he had been yearn ing to go back to his village after being evicted so that he could get to spend his last years in rest and peace. He had thus dreamt of overpowering his youthful poor friends with the knowledge and the story about the things he has achieved. However, these expectations to come and set home in the beloved village argon now in vain, for they have been shattered. For him, life that follows sequestration must take that form of a blissful life. This is because it is only these conditions that will lead to graceful remnant and make a smooth transition from his people. To pass across this message, he has used a variety of female characters such as the solitary poor widow and the betrayed country girl in the city. In line 29 of the poem, he talks of the bashful virgins whose looks symbolized love that existed in his boyhood years. He depicts this woman as a symbol of love that normally existed during those days when love rocked his life and those of his age mates. This was mostly experienc ed during the dances that were organized in the village with most of them leaping in pairs. Therefore, the persona uses the term virgin to symbolize how love used to be pure during those days, and that it formed a significant part of his life (Greenblatt, 54). However, to replication this, the persona uses the matrons as a measure of how love was a guarded value that the matrons that attended the dances kept a close eye on the virgins. This whitethorn be because they were everyones desire to court. In line 31, he admits that this was the charm of those days that kept their life moving (Greenblatt, 54). However, he is sad that this life is no more in line (34). The persona uses the solitary widow to depict women as pedestals that make the community strong. This is because as he brings in this character it is amidst the absence seizure of all other things that once existed in the village but they are all gone. However, there still stands the solitary widow who continues to carry out her duties as pertains of her even though she has no strength. Another woman used in the poem is the betrayed country girl in line (332) (Greenblatt, 54). In using this girl, he depicts women as symbols of humility. This is because the persona describes the woman as having stooped to a low position just to make both ends meet. In the village, this woman used to be a respectable person with plenty of food, clothes and the other basic needs. However, due to her sending off from the village, she is homeless and in a foreign land. However, the humility and the struggle for her survival, as it is normal for women to struggle fending for family in the absence of a father, she is capable of getting a warm place to have a nap. This depicts women as down to Earth and always wanting the best for the family. However, this

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A Primer in the Politics of the War on Terror Essay

A Primer in the Politics of the War on Terror - Essay pillowcaseThe U.S. led War on Terrorism is directed to its inevitable end, rather endlessness, given the shifting paradigms of the war and the impact of war actions and consequences on global terrorist networks. The war, which began on a hysterical note at the 9/11 U.S. bangs by the al Qaeda was fought relentlessly by the U.S - initi wholey on Afghanistan, alleged to be the homeland of bag and Osama Bin Laden, the master brain behind the terrorist attacks, and then on Iraq, for their suspected links with the al Qaeda, and the potential threats from Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). No sooner did the War on Terrorism became War on Iraq, aimed at ousting Saddam Hussein and the establishment of democracy in Iraq, strategicalally naming the war Operation Iraqi Freedom, as America advanced its strategic and political interests in the Arab world. According to a 2004 report released by the London-based International Institute for S trategic Studies, the U.S. actions in Iraq since 2003 March has weakened the global counter-terrorism coalition, which seemed formidable in 2001 however, war on terrorism was effective in revitalizing and motivating the al Qaeda network, Strategic Survey 2003/04, 2004 As the war continues to be waged extending geographical territories, the enemy seems all the more remote and ever-more prevailing, as new cohorts of terrorists emerge to be potential threat to the U.S. and its allies in the Western world. The human, economic, social costs and consequences of Americas War on Terrorism keep been appalling and still continue to mount. The dismal and absolutely avoidable war consequences aggravates the need for a critical review of the politics behind Bush Administrations questionable War on Terrorism - the legality, the real intentions, the propaganda, the schemes, and the roles and responsibilities of all those involved and concerned - resulting in one of the most demoralizing episode in the history of humanity, no less than Hitlers Holocaust. region of President and the Congress In the wake of the shocking September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001, President Bush dubbed the terrorist attack as acts of war, and proclaimed a global war on terrorism (GWOT). The Presidents hastiness in declaring war on an enemy not so well defined, and his declaration that al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters were wicked enemy combatants, rather than criminals, has been subject to critical analysis. Feldman, 2002 However his decision to commit troops to combat without seeking a congressional declaration of war, Ramsay, 2002 and expansion of his presidential authority facilitating non-constitutional actions including the holding of prisoners without judicial review and approving torturous interrogation techniques Seelye, 2001, Fisher, 2001 have been unilateral and critically grave violations of the U.S Constitution. The Congress also played a crucial role- de spite protests, objections and voices of dissent from all quarters including the United Nations, the Congress categorically supported Presidents non-constitutiona